DESMOS is a nonprofit organization, operating since 2012 as an effective and reliable link for social giving in Greece.

It connects those who wish to donate with those in need. To achieve this goal, it collaborates closely with over 1,000 institutions and charitable organizations nationwide and actively supports their work. DESMOS develops its actions and programs in four areas: Social Welfare, Building a Better Future, Healthcare, and Emergency Response and Recovery.

Creation of the Program for Voluntary Forest Fire Protection Teams

The grant pertains to the creation of the Program for Voluntary Forest Fire Protection Teams. After the devastating fires of 2021, DESMOS, in collaboration with WWF Greece and HIGGS (Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability), has embarked upon a joint initiative that comprises a number of actions aimed at training, empowering and supporting the work of volunteer forest fire protection teams in preventing and managing forest fires across Greece. The support initiative develops along two lines: a) training for volunteer teams on forest fires through specialized workshops, and b) provision of equipment for 50 volunteer teams across the country, which will be selected upon specific eligibility criteria. The training program is addressed to all volunteer forest fire protection teams that operate across all 13 peripheries of the country, with emphasis on areas with a high incidence of forest fires and a strong volunteer presence.

Over the course of the grant, it is estimated that more than 700 forest fire protection volunteers will participate in the training workshops and 1,500 will be the recipients-users of the donated equipment. The Program is implemented with the support of the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, and the National Bank of Greece.