Athina I. Martinou

At the heart of the Foundation’s creation is Athina I. Martinou’s passion for the sea; its purpose is to give back to society, a society that lives and breathes around the sea and feels its presence always flowing through its veins. 

Even today, at 90 years of age, it is still her love for life that defines her. As she succinctly puts it herself, she is “like the sea, in female form”. Her attitude to life is the same as her attitude towards the sea. Love and passion, respect and dedication. That is why she accepts life in all of its expressions, be it calm and peaceful or turbulent and stormy. Because, just like the sea, Athina I. Martinou is never still. Bold and ambitious, hard-working and persistent, discreet and understated, she is the “Nounou” of the Greek shipping sector.  

Every action, every move in Athina I. Martinou’s lifetime has been inspired by the sea. It has been generous towards her, as it is generous towards everyone who loves and respects it. She pursued her dream with hard work, ceaseless energy and passion, and earned the respect and recognition of the shipping world.  

Athina I. Martinou always goes back to the sea to draw strength, and it is to the sea that she wants to return the generosity it has shown her. Just like the waves of the sea travel far, she wishes that, through an impactful but discreet philanthropic action of her Foundation, she can contribute significantly to the implementation of projects that benefit the Greek society, to help it transcend its horizons, to travel, to go far.