DIOTIMA Center for Women’s Studies and Research

The Center for Women’s Studies and Research – Diotima was founded in 1989 by a group of female scientists with the aim of raising awareness on issues related to gender in social, political and economic life.

In the 33 years of its presence, the Center has become a point of reference for women’s issues, taking part in designing gender equality policies, advocating for and establishing women’s rights, taking initiative, organizing actions in their interests, and highlighting gender discrimination against women.

In its work in the field of gender quality, Diotima supports, in particular, those who are most vulnerable and subject to multiple exclusions (Greek women, refugees, immigrants, survivors of gender violence with low or no income). In addition, it aims to collaborate and create networks with Civil Society organizations. Diotima implements actions in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Lesvos.

Support for the “ALL WOMEN SAFE” Program on gender-based violence

The grant pertains to the partial funding of the psychosocial support provided by the “ALL WOMEN SAFE” program on gender violence. Specifically, the “ALL WOMEN SAFE” multilateral support program for women who are or have been subject to gender violence provides free legal assistance (legal counselling, court representation and court fees), psychosocial support, and career counselling. With the pandemic increasing the cases and frequency of gender – and especially domestic – violence, the Program has seen a corresponding increase of beneficiaries. The estimated number of beneficiaries over the 12month course of the grant is 70.