LOCUS ATHENS was founded in 2004 with the aim of investigating the relationship between public space in Athens and contemporary art.

Supporting artists and the creation of new works, LOCUS ATHENS has curated exhibitions, lectures, screenings and educational programs in various locations across the city. It has also published a series of award-winning books for children. In 2019, LOCUS ATHENS founded its new venue in Athens; TAVROS has become established as a cultural-social hub, creating ties with artists of different approaches, and equivalent organizations of our geographical region with an important impact in the wider area where they are based.

Support for “The Sea Around Us” Program

The grant pertains to the support of the 4-month “The Sea Around Us” Program. “The Sea Around Us” Program focuses on the timeless connection of people with the sea and investigates the connective tissue of the marine environment to shipping, ports, trade and human transportation. The sea, as a “place” loaded with hopes, fears, and passions, sets the framework within which personal and collective “micro-stories” will be told. Especially ports, quintessential sites of cultural exchange and knowledge, where labor is interwoven with their history, are the key to the history of Greece and the identity of its residents through the centuries.

The Program includes: a. a 4-month exhibition taking visitors from the port of Marseille to 19th and 20th century Odessa, framed by contemporary works, and parallel events: b. screenings of films on ports, fishing, and the marine environment, c. discussions and presentations, and d. educational program.

The exhibitions and parallel events weave a lattice of stories from the past and the present, the relationship of mankind with the sea around us, creating connections, narratives that take visitors and viewers along to life at sea.