Tilos Athletic Club

The Tilos Athletic Club was founded in 1993 at Megalo Chorio and has since played a major role in the island’s everyday life.

The Tilos Athletic Club is the most active club the island, with 70 active athletes of all ages, out of which 40 attend football academies. It is, in addition, a natural space for developing various social actions.

The Civil Non-Profit Organization COMM’ON, an organizational partner in the “Green Stone” Program, was founded in 2017 and functions as a backbone organization for Civil Society. Its aim is to develop methodologies, collaborative models and experiential training for the development of teams and organizations.

Support for the “Green Stone” Program

The grant pertains to support for the “Green Stone” action, which focuses on mobilizing, educating and raising the awareness of the local community in Tilos, and especially the youth, regarding the historicity, environmental impact and possible restoration and reuse of drystone structures, such as terraces and stone trails on the island, features of local architecture and local social spatial development. An estimated 2,000 people will benefit over the course of the grant.

The action is implemented with a grant from the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, as part of the “Points of Support” program, in the category “Social Innovation in Small Seaside Local Societies”.