Angels of Joy

Angels of Joy began its action as a group of volunteers in 2011 with the aim of providing psychosocial support through art to the most vulnerable groups in our society, and took on its current legal form in 2014.

The group consists of professional artists (actors, musicians, etc.), music therapists, educators, psychologists, and scientific advisors, and implements the following actions: a. actions in organizations for children in Attica (children’s hospitals, care organizations for children and people with disabilities), providing long-running therapeutic and psychoeducational art programs, b. psychosocial actions in organizations for the elderly (care facilities, Open Protection Centers, Day Care Centers), c. digital programs in social organizations all over Greece, and d. the educational program “You are also an Angel of Joy” for employees in the fields of healthcare and welfare.


Support for the Program “The Planet of Love” at SOS Children’s Villages

The grant pertains to the implementation of the psychosocial program “The Planet of Love” at all SOS Children’s Villages facilities, for 5 months. This is an audiovisual production in 6 episodes, inspired by the story of The Little Prince. “The Planet of Love” was designed so that each episode is a comprehensive experience for the children. It is addressed to primary school children aged 6-12 living in Child Protection facilities and having been removed from their families due to neglect or abuse. The aim of the program is to boost the mental wellbeing and cultivate emotional intelligence in these children, who are often described as “invisible”. The production combines theatrical scenes and experiential activities, based on the story’s messages, such as friendship, care, and connection with people and nature.

At the same time, the staff at the facilities will receive training in order to further enrich their skills, such as, for example, employing art in their educational practice. The Angels of Joy trainers will be available throughout the program to offer the motivators-employees specialized support in the form of counselling. An estimated 36 people will benefit over the course of the grant.