Molyvos International Music Festival

The Molyvos International Music Festival was founded in 2015 with the aim of establishing Lesvos as a popular music destination globally, and contributing to regional development by supporting and redefining the island’s tourist product.

The Festival is an innovative institution that has developed into an important European festival of classical music, with leading classical music performers from all over the world. Bridging a cultural gap, the Molyvos International Music Festival has succeeded in engaging the local society, supporting the local economy and implementing innovative educational programs for young people.

The Molyvos International Music Festival develops its action along two pillars: the Festival itself, which aims at disseminating classical music while showcasing the island’s cultural heritage (though a combination of concerts and tours held at various sites of ecological and archaeological interest), and educational programs throughout the year.

Support for the "ΜΟ-TO Key" Program

The grant pertains to the implementation of the educational program “MO-TO Key” as part of the 9th Molyvos Festival. The educational program introduces children to the basic principles of cultural management and provides the tools that enable them, with collective effort, imagination and creativity, to organize a cultural event. The program will be implemented in the current academic year, with the participation of the Primary Schools of Vareia, Kerami, and Agra (Lesvos), as well as the Mytilini Branch of the National Conservatory. The theme of the 9th Molyvos International Music Festival is “SYMBIOSIS”, as a means of harmonious and beneficial coexistence under the same roof. The great roof that unites us and secures our existence itself is our planet, the symbiosis of humanity and nature. An estimated total of 900 people will benefit from the grant.