“Prassein Aloga” Puppet Theater

“Prassein Aloga” Puppet Theater was founded in1997 and is a Civil Non-Profit Organization specializing in the art of Puppet Theater.

The “Prassein Aloga” team presents a spectacle that combines puppets and actors, moving away from traditional puppet theater. Their approach to the audience is different to conventional, spoken theater, as it functions through the language of images. The team’s social action pertains to shows and workshops for vulnerable groups (children in institutions and hospitals, teenagers in rehabilitation, the elderly, refugees, women in prison). The team’s most important service, “Kouklopaizoume”, is a digital educational program and a nationwide Puppet Theatre competition, which has been running continuously since 2019 in schools, while also being appropriate for group leaders.

Support for the “Puppet Theater. Reinforcing islands and coastal regions” Program

The grant pertains to support for the action “Kouklopaizoume. Reinforcing islands and coastal regions”. The action is addressed to schools of island areas (isolated to a smaller or larger extent) and aims at strengthening the local society and mostly the youth through creative activity, providing equal opportunities in education. At the same time, it aims to raise the students’ awareness on pollution and the protection of the sea and coasts. The purpose of the action is, on the one hand, to inform and educate the students on pollution and the protection of the sea and coasts and, on the other hand, to promote artistic expression, reinforce schools in island regions, and create networks between them based on a creative activity.

Students on remote islands will have the opportunity to take part in a comprehensive puppet program, create, and communicate with other students on equally remote islands. The action is a response to parents’ need for a multifaceted education, and a possible solution to the phenomenon of young people leaving their islands. It is estimated that 800 people will benefit from the grant over its duration.

The action is implemented with a grant from the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, as part of the “Points of Support” Program, in the category “Social Innovation in Small Seaside Local Societies”.