Society For The Study Of Ancient Coastlines - AKTES

The Society for the Study of Ancient Coastlines – AKTES is a civil non-profit organization operating since 2019. The reason for its establishment was to promote the many years of research by its members on sea level change and its impact on the anthropogenic coastal environment.

The results of the Society’s research work is addressed, on the one hand, to a wide range of scientists of various specializations studying the coastal zone and climate change, while, on the other hand and primarily, they may be of significant benefit to state organizations and local authorities involved in climate change and its effects on coastal infrastructures.

Support for the “Aegean Flood: Flooding scenarios until 2100” Program

The grant pertains to support for the action “Aegean Flood: Flooding scenarios until 2100”. The aim of the action is to develop future flooding scenarios, due to climate change, until 2100, with a pilot application in two small coastal societies of significant tourist interest: a. the bay of Ornos on the island of Mykonos in the Central Cyclades, and b. the port of Gavrio on the island of Andros in the Northern Cyclades. Therefore directly affected in their most part, if sea level rise predictions come true. This will result in the loss of a large part of the coastal zone, and the dysfunction or even degradation of the port and tourist facilities they house, as well as of other works of infrastructure. The estimated number of beneficiaries over the course of the grant is 2,000 people.

The action is implemented with a grant from the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, as part of the “Points of Support” program, in the category “Social Innovation in Small Seaside Local Societies”.