American Farm School

The American Farm School, Thessaloniki, is an educational institution founded in Thessaloniki in 1904 to serve the needs of the producers and the rural population.

Its main educational departments are Primary School, Secondary School, Vocational High School, and the Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences. Students at the Farm School are taught at its educational farm in Thermi, Thessaloniki. Its products are among the most acclaimed in the food sector.

Support for the "Education and Support Program" for Farmers in Northern Evia

The grant pertains to the support, for a term of 11 months, of the Education and Support Program for Farmers in Northern Evia, as part of the “Northern Evia Restoration Program”, following the 2021 wildfires, “EVIA META”. A study on the new needs that emerged in the agricultural sector in Northern Evia was conducted with a view of restoring the area after the 2021 wildfires. The study was undertaken by the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, with the scientific collaboration of the American Farm School, the Greek Agricultural Organization DIMITRA, the Agricultural University of Athens, and Piraeus Bank. The study demonstrated the following needs: a. low levels of producer knowledge on contemporary production methods; b. absence of a mechanism for transporting know-how and advancing the producers’ skills; c. disengagement of youth in agricultural work.

In that context, the American Agricultural School will run an Education Program for Farmers of Northern Evia, focusing on new smart farming practices for olive, vine and fig cultivation. A fourth subject area is the development of multifunctional farms. A team of consultant agriculturalists from the American Farming School has previously conducted a number of visits in Northern Evia in order to investigate the producers’ needs as regards issues of cultivation and agrifood entrepreneurship.

The Program includes an educational and advisory part for olive, fig, and wine growers, as well as special coaching actions to create a “Network of visitable, multifunctional farms”. Specifically, the Program includes: a. theoretical seminars, b. on-site advisory meetings at the farmland, c. individual support and guidance. The Program has an 11-month duration, in accordance with seasonal cultivations, and serve approximately 60 farmers in Northern Evia.