Fire Department

The role of the Volunteer Firefighter was established in 1990 and it operates under the Hellenic Fire Service.

The mission of volunteer firefighters is the safety and protection of the life and property of the citizens and the State, of the natural environment, especially the country’s forested areas, from the dangers of fire, natural disasters, and other threats. Volunteer firefighters are certified, trained (120 hours), equipped (including their uniform) and insured by the Fire Service.

Volunteer Firefighter Uniforms

The grant pertains to the provision of individual protective equipment for 500 volunteer firefighters of the Hellenic Fire Service. More specifically, the Foundation, through its donation, procured 500 service uniforms (consisting of a jacket, trousers and a hat), 500 forest firefighting helmets and 500 forest firefighting boots.

This is a complementary grant to a John S. Latsis Foundation’s grant for the provision of 2,500 individual protective equipment (for each category of the aforementioned equipment), thus increasing the total number of beneficiary volunteer firefighters, for the two grants, to 3,000.