251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital

The first Hellenic Air Force Hospital was founded in September 1942 in Cairo, Egypt.

With the repatriation of the Armed Forces in 1944, the Hospital relocated to Athens and began its operation as the Royal Air Force Hospital, providing care to the Air Force staff. In 1966, it was renamed 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital and, ten years later, began operating at its current location, initially with 130 beds and presently with 378. 

It provides healthcare and treatment to active and retired Hellenic Air Force staff and members of their families, permanent and retired civil personnel of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff and members of their families and, since 2019, to active and retired staff of the Hellenic Fire Service and members of their families.

The Psychiatric Clinic began its operation, autonomously and independently of the Neurology Clinic, in 1976. Its aim is to safeguard battle-ready staff and secure their mission, by preventing and minimizing cases of mental health conditions.

Renovation of the Psychiatric Clinic of the 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital

The grant pertains to small-scale renovations, including hospitality equipment, for the Psychiatric Clinic. The works are directly connected to the areas used by the beneficiaries and are aimed at upgrading the quality of services provided. During the course of the grant, an estimated 8,000 people per year benefit directly from the services provided by the Psychiatric Clinic. Indirect beneficiaries are the members of their families, approximately (3 people per family, on average) 24,000.