Pediatric Trauma Care

Pediatric Trauma Care was founded in 1998 by a group of doctors and parents, with the aim of reducing children’s accidents, immediate and appropriate care for pediatric trauma, and improving hospital treatment for children in Greece.

Since 2010, the Association serves its mission in the following ways: a. creation of Emergency Departments in public hospitals, b. provision of equipment to pediatric departments and clinics in hospitals and health centers, c. funding for medical seminars for doctors, nurses and paramedics, d. awareness-raining for children, teachers and parents thought the “Preventing Children’s Accidents” Program. According to statistical data from the hospitals and health centers it has supported, more than 2,010,000 children has benefited from the Association’s work between 2010 and 2022.

Provision of medical equipment to 5 island Regional Clinics & Health Centers

The grant pertains to the provision of pediatric equipment to five island Regional Clinics & Health Centers, and in particular to the Clinics of Astypalaia, Serifos, Kasos, Kea, and Gavdos, and the Health Center of Ios. An estimated 3,550 children will benefit.