Doctors of the World Greece

Doctors of the World Greece is a humanitarian nongovernmental organization, founded in 1990, and a member of Médecins Du Monde International, which consists of 17 national delegations.

It designs and implements multidisciplinary actions and initiatives that reflect the ever-changing needs of vulnerable population groups, driven by the principle that every human being has a right to humanitarian assistance, irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ideology or political persuasion. The organization’s long-term goal is to ensure unmitigated access to healthcare and promote it as a universal human right.

The MdM Open Polyclinic began its operation in Thessaloniki in 2001 with the aim to support the amelioration of discriminations suffered by vulnerable social groups living in the region of Central Macedonia in their everyday lives as well as the fulfilment of their rights. The Open Polyclinic serves as a reference point for its target group, by systematically providing awareness-raising, information and educational services for its beneficiaries, volunteers and members of the broader ecosystem of local Civil Society organizations. 

As part of its humanitarian response to provide care and support to Ukrainian refugees, Doctors of the World has created a dedicated program of psychosocial support services in Thessaloniki, which is a gateway for refugees from the Ukraine. In the first six months of the Ukraine crisis, an estimated 80,000 Ukrainian refugees fled to Greece, with a substantial part settling in the wider region of Central Macedonia. More than 650 beneficiaries have received healthcare support and humanitarian aid services from the unit’s personnel in the same period.

Funding for the psychosocial services of the Open Polyclinic in Thessaloniki

The grant pertains to the provision, over a 12-month period, of the mental health and psychosocial support services by the Open Polyclinic in Thessaloniki. Through the provision of mental health and psychosocial support services, the Doctors of the World aspire to: a) ensure access to free, quality mental health services to vulnerable groups, b) provide the necessary technical information and training to first-line personnel (mediators, caregivers, nurses, administrative staff) and organizations involved in the provision of mental health services to local vulnerable populations, c) secure continued support and treatment, including the incorporation of referrals to secondary and tertiary healthcare and social welfare institutions when necessary, as well as appropriate follow-ups, and d) increase awareness with a view of eliminating the stigma of mental health and improve wellbeing in the community. During the course of the grant, the Polyclinic is expected to offer mental health and psychosocial support services to more than 400 beneficiaries.