Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a vibrant cultural venue at the center of Athens, focused on promoting the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Cyprus, with emphasis on 3rd century B.C. Cycladic Art.

It was founded in 1986 to house the private Cycladic art collection of Dolly and Nikolaos Goulandris, as well as to present exhibits from Ancient Greek and Ancient Cypriot Art, and Everyday Life in Antiquity.

The Museum’s permanent collections include 3,000 objects, testimonies to civilizations that flourished in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region from the 4th century B.C. to the 6th Century A.D. The Museum of Cycladic Art’s temporary exhibitions focus on archaeology, and modern and contemporary art, and aim to bring the public closer not only to antiquity, but also to important artists of the 20th and 21st century.

Since the year of its founding, the Museum of Cycladic Art has also operated the Educational and Social Programs Department, which offers programs and activities for children, schools, and families, as well as vulnerable social groups. The Museum’s strategic aim is to develop its social footprint and establish itself as a cultural organization open and accessible to everyone.

Creation of the Personal Development Program “Collective Well-Being”

The grant pertains the implementation, for a term of 12 months, of a mental wellbeing program for teenagers, in collaboration with the University Mental Health, Neurosciences and Precision Medicine Research Institute “Kostas Stefanis”. This is a new, innovative mental health program, mainly targeting teenagers, but also offering events for the wider public, which develops its action along three basic pillars: educational workshops for teenagers, special tours of the Museum’s permanent collections for specific groups, such as secondary schools, educators, mental health professionals, etc., and online lectures on different mental health issues available all over Greece. The mental wellbeing program will benefit an estimated 1,150 people over the course of the grant.