Odyssea NPO

Odyssea NPO was established in 2016 with the aim of supporting youth from vulnerable social groups residing in Greece to foster equitable employment opportunities for a more inclusive society.

It provides tailored vocational and life skills training, combined with employability services that bridge young people with the world of work and empower them to realize their full potential.

The Odyssea Academy, founded in 2020, is a space where rooms are designed and equipped to simulate true working environments. The venue enabled Odyssea to upgrade the qualitative result of its work. To date, Odyssea has provided its training and employability services to more than 5,000 people.


Creation of the Vocational Training Program "Sustainable solutions for vulnerable youth in the Blue economy"

The grant pertains to the creation of a training program for unemployed youth in Blue Economy professions. The Program aims to raise the awareness of young people on Blue Economy, by running educational seminars and vocational training, inviting young people to train and claim a career in developing areas, such as coastal tourism, marine transportation, and ship building and maintenance.

Specifically, the program includes: a. introductory career counselling sessions to help the youth visualize and forge their professional journey, b. technical training in Blue Economy professions: Kitchen Assistant, Passenger Ship Crew Member, Hospitality Staff, Skipper, Ship Maintenance and Repair, and c. Employability and connection to the labor market through a growing network of recruitment firms, guidance and life skills training focusing on resilience, teamwork and adaptability. An estimated 150 people will benefit over the 12-month duration of the grant.