The Future Myth Project Α.Μ.Κ.Ε

The Future Myth Project was founded in 2021 with the aim of promoting culture through the production of artwork, films, audiovisual and applied works of high artistic quality.

It focuses on digital means for artistic expression – with a view of awakening Greek society to issues of environmental protection, human rights, social solidarity, mental health, quality, inclusion, and other social issues that concern both the local and the global community. The Future Myth Project develops its actions mostly within Greece.

Support for the “WeTribe2023” Project

The grant pertains to support for the action “WeTribe2023”. This is an initiative that employs digital technology and new media in order to bring isolated islands “closer”, in response to the seclusion and exclusion experienced by the residents of these islands. Students from small Greek islands jointly create a digital artwork dedicated to environmental protection. The action is addressed to primary school students (ages from 6 to 12 years old) in isolated islands of Greece. A large part of the action takes place online. The islands taking part are: Thirasia, Astypalaia, Kastelorizo, Schoinousa, Ereikousa, Thymaina, and Leipsoi. An estimated 160 people will benefit over the course of the grant.

The action is implemented with a grant from the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, as part of the “Points of Support” program, in the category “Social Innovation in Small Seaside Local Societies”.