Cinemathesis is a cultural organization founded in 2019 and specializing in running educational cinematography workshops exclusively for children and teenagers.

Each cinematography workshop is completely experiential, taking a holistic approach to the Fine Arts and emphasizing participation, discussion and collaboration, with the art of cinematography as its learning core and centered on play. Through their contact with audiovisual media, children gain a new skill, a tool for expression.

The vision of Cinemathesis is to reach, through its programs, decentralized locations, isolated and remote islands, and borderlands, as well as places inhabited by children from vulnerable population groups, institutions, hospitals and hostels for unaccompanied refugees.

Support for the Program “The Adventure of Cinema in Small Schools!”

The grant pertains to the implementation of the audiovisual action for children “The Adventure of Cinema in Small Schools!”, designed to be run in highly symbolic schools on remote islands and borderland areas with few residents.

The basic concept is to run an educational program around a mobile exhibition of pre-cinematic visual games, accompanied by experiential actions with specially designed constructions, made by the children, for an improvised museum at their school, as well as film projections. The above simulate an in-person visit to a museum or a gallery, venues that children from isolated areas have no opportunity to visit. The cinematography workshop will follow mankind’s need to record its history in motion pictures, through a holistic approach to the Fine Arts, structured upon educational and scientific criteria. An estimated 180 children will benefit from the grant over the course of 12 months.