Creative Islands & New Media

Creative Islands & New Media was founded in 2020 in Syros, and organizes actions and events centered on the island regions of the Cyclades.

The Organization prioritizes a fusion of contemporary cultural creation with the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the islands, with the aim of elevating them to centers of cultural renewal, generating transcultural dialogue of local communities with a hyperlocal network of artists and culture professionals, and promoting knowledge and awareness of matters of art and sustainability through research and experiential education. 

Support for the “Human Geographies – Artist Residency Program”

The grant pertains to support for the “Human Geographies – Artist Residency Program”. The art research and residency program “Human Geographies” brings science and art together in a journey of exploring the cultural heritage of Sikinos, with particular attention to the gendered dimension of our relationship to the natural and manmade environment. Through seeing and experiencing the place, the artists investigate spatial particularity and collective memory in an active dialogue with universal ideas and values.

Over 15 days that include educational and cultural events, research activities, new productions, presentations and symposia, the program provides the opportunity to professionals from the fields of contemporary art and technology to interact, collaborate, exchange knowledge and practices, and creature original works. The total number of beneficiaries over the course of the grant will be approximately 240 people.

The action is implemented with a grant from the Athina I. Martinou Foundation, as part of the “Points of Support” program, in the category “Social Innovation in Small Seaside Local Societies”.