COMM’ON was founded in 2017 and operates as a backbone organization for Civil Society. Its aim is to develop methodologies, collaborative models and experiential training for the development of teams and organizations.

It is focused on social innovation and sustainable development for communities in urban and rural settings, with actions in the social, cultural, and environmental sectors. 

COMM’ON is a partner of European cultural and social innovation programs, such as Tandem Europe and Tandem Regions. In the last six years, it has been a part of the design, development and management team of Civil Society Toolbox while, at the same time, designing and implementing active citizenship programs for children and teenagers in small communities across Greece.

The “AKTES” Program (Pocket Art Academy) is a social-cultural program designed for small island regions, aimed at enhancing inclusiveness and active citizenship in the children of the community. The program is developed through art experimentation, by hosting resident artists over the winter months, engaging the children in the co-creation of actions on subjects that pertain to a strategic area of the island’s development (e.g., tourism, culture, environment, etc.), which is selected by the local municipality.

Support for the "AKTES” Program (Pocket Art Academy)

The grant pertains to the implementation of the Program in Tilos with two artist residency cycles, each with a duration of 15 days. The program’s team and artists will work alongside the children, their teachers and the community of Tilos, on the subject of the island’s history. In the first residency cycle, a narrative timeline of the complex Tilos identity will be designed, exploring the different dimensions of social, political, and cultural life, and the geological and historical dimensions of the island. During the second residency cycle, the children will work on the art of fanzines and bookbinding. With the help of the artist, they will design an imaginary map of Tilos, using abstract narratives and collage related to the concept of history and by extension the history of the island. The fanzine will be designed in such a way as to serve as the basis for its continuation in the form of a school magazine or school publication.

An open presentation event for the community will be held at the end of each residency cycle, designed by the children themselves with the support of the community and the “AKTES” team. The beneficiaries over the course of the grant are approximately 430 people.