Humane Social Enterprise

Humane Social Enterprise (Humane) was founded in 2016 with the aim of empowering people with disabilities and chronic conditions, as well as delivering social services that enhance their quality of life and provide social protection.

Humane created Patients Hub, a space where people with disabilities and chronic conditions create their daily community, with co-design, education, networking and empowerment. The Patients Hub is the first collaborative “hub for innovation and empowerment of patients and people with disabilities” in Greece. It is housed in a multifunctional venue of 80 sqm in the center of Athens, and can support and cover the needs of Patients’ Societies and members of the Greek Patients’ Association.

Provision of equipment for the operation of Patients Hub

The grant pertains to the provision of equipment for the operation of Patients Hub, which will facilitate the implementation of actions for distance participants, from all over Greece. The beneficiaries for the term of the grant will be an estimated 65 Patients’ Associations in all treatment categories, with more than 300 patient advocates from all over Greece, NGOs in the healthcare sector, scientific societies, health professionals, patients, and citizens.