Rise Club

Rise Club, founded in early 2020, is a network for the support of unemployed mothers that a. provides them with opportunities to return to work, b. fosters their emotional health, and c. supports them so they can strike a balance between family and professional life.

It aims to empower them and secure their financial independence, to promote the wellbeing of the family and, by extension, society. It develops actions in the following three areas: a. return to work; career change; creation of business through education and employment, b. mental health and counselling, and c. Social Network.

The vision of Rise Club is to become the largest network of support and communication for women after motherhood in Greece. Its greater aim is to eliminate female unemployment, so no woman has to choose between her family and her career.

Since 2020, Rise Club has supported 150 women, through 40 actions, 180 professional and psychological empowerment sessions, 1,200 hours of free educational seminars, and three conferences. In addition, 500 women have attended live webinars.

The Rise Club team consists of specialized partners, mental health counsellors and adult educators. Its services are available to the whole of Greece, as all of its empowerment and education programs are offered online.

Operational Support

The grant pertains to the 12-month operational support, that provides Rise Club with: a. the increase in the number of beneficiaries and b. the expansion of its services. Rise Club’s services have expanded both qualitatively and quantitatively. With regard to the return of mothers to the labor market, it provides the beneficiaries with career coaching and mentoring services in order to shape their professional profile. It undertakes the improvement and configuration of CVs and Linkedin profiles, provides interview coaching, offers free training programs and seminars to upgrade their digital skills. In addition, in collaboration with partner companies, it provides internship and employment opportunities.

It focuses on promoting the mental health of mothers through group and personal sessions of psychological empowerment with the aim of harmonizing personal and professional life and the well-being of the family. During the course of the grant, the direct beneficiaries of Rise Club services are estimated at 150 mothers.