The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point (TTP) was founded in 2016 with the aim of contributing to the creation of informed and conscious young people with regards to their academic choices and future careers.

With the help of technology, students broaden their horizons and choices, collaborating with mentors from all over the world – from mushroom growers and farmers in the next village over, to NASA engineers and researchers at CERN. The aims of TTP are: a. informing students with regards to their subsequent course on an academic or professional level, b. increasing the participation of students in their educational process, c. promoting a culture that enhances productivity, innovation and initiative in the work environment, d. decreasing unemployment and improving the quality of work and human resources, and e. addressing brain drain, especially in rural areas.

To date, more than 750 schools, all over Greece, have taken part in TTP programs and actions, with the support of 1,700+ educators and the contribution of 2,000+ mentors, giving more than 40,000 students the opportunity to draw inspiration and connect to the contemporary labor market from the comfort of their classrooms.


Support for "The Tipping Point" Program on islands, and the Action “Blue Economy: Professions of the sea”

The grant pertains to the implementation of The Tipping Point Educational Program on islands, and the Action “Blue Economy: Professions of the sea”, and is divided into two segments: 

a. Implementation of The Tipping Point educational program in 10 Secondary Schools on remote islands in Greece, with the aim providing students with information on areas of study, new professions and/or fields they may be interested in, as well as career paths that they may not be aware of. Groups of students connect online with professionals and academics who share their knowledge and experience to help the former discover their interests and broaden their horizons. The estimated number of direct beneficiaries is 10 educations and approximately 250 students.

b. The Action “Blue Economy: Professions of the sea” will provide information to students in 10 Secondary Schools in Greece regarding professions of the sea, career prospects and development. Groups of students will connect online with mentors engaged in professions relevant to the sea and have their questions answered. The estimated number of direct beneficiaries is 10 educations, approximately 250 students, and 30 mentors.