Emfasis was created in 2013 with the aim of providing support, relief and empowerment to people experiencing multiple forms of homelessness.

Specifically, its beneficiaries are: people who are visibly homeless, in dangerous accommodation, in temporary accommodation, in dormitories and hostels, in venues that exceed their legal capacity, under the threat of violence/eviction, as well as in unsuitable living conditions.

Emfasis operates in accordance with the innovative principles of Social Streetwork. This is a form of social support whereby the beneficiaries are approached in their own environment, without the prejudice and stereotypes of closed societies.

Emfasis works in the wider region of Attica, providing humanitarian, counselling and family support by experienced streetworkers (psychologists, sociologists, social workers, etc.) assisted by trained volunteers and two mobile support units. In cases of emergency, sudden adverse situations, and natural disasters, Emfasis will also intervene outside of Attica.

Creation of the “Emfaseas” Program

The grant pertains to the creation of a 12-month streetwork methodology program in island areas. Specifically, the educational program is addressed to 15 Civil Society organizations in 5 island areas (Heraklion, Rethymno, Evia, Rhodes, Salamina), where, following visits by Emfasis, the organization ascertained the need for intervention and early prevention of phenomena of social exclusion and homelessness. Emfasis will carry out visits to these areas in order to implement, among other things, interactive seminars on streetwork methodology, on-site shifts (charting techniques and approaching populations in their environment) and local society outreach workshops based on case studies. The beneficiary organizations will be an estimated 75 (15 per area), with a minimum 225 participants overall.