Lambrakis Foundation

The Lambrakis Foundation was founded in 1991 and works in the areas of education, culture, and development.

In recognition of the central role that Education must play at this critical juncture in Greece, the Lambrakis Foundation chooses to invest in education and lifelong learning, with particular attention to areas that promote sustainable development and social cohesion and progress, such as cultivating active citizenship, entrepreneurship, research and innovation, creativity and multiculturalism. The Lambrakis Foundation undertakes initiatives and implements programs that complement, enhance and upgrade learning opportunities for the student as well as adult population in Greece.

All educational programs implemented in state schools are approved by the Ministry of Education. The curriculum created for each program is designed by specialized scientists, is freely available for use by the state and any interested party, and is an instrument of dissemination and sustainability.

Creation of the educational Program “I Act for the Planet”

The grant pertains to the creation of the Educational Program “I Act for the Planet”, on understanding climate change and its prevention, for primary and secondary school students. The students will focus on issues related to climate change, approaching them as active citizens, from the angle of science and technology. The aim is for them to study and gain an understanding of climate change, its consequences and its causes, as well as the actions that can be taken to reverse this rapidly developing situation.  They will record political commitments regarding the alleviation of climate change, and propose solutions, staring from their own everyday life at school, at home, in the community, etc.

The educational material will be implanted in schools from 2023, with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Taking part will be educators of all types, from 30 regions of the country, including 15 islands. The total number of beneficiaries over the 15-month duration of the grant are approximately 9,200.

The educational program is realized as part of Initiative 21 – Environment & Climate Change – and co-funded by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.